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Enrico de Martino

The Law Firm

The registered headquarters of Enrico de Martino’s Law Firm is situated in the historic centre of Siena, no. 44, via dei Rossi, and continues to offer its clients – both private and corporate – for over thirty years, professional legal assistance for all issues relating to criminal law, commercial law and bankruptcy law as well as d.lgs. 231/2001 (administrative liability for legal entities) and all relating matters of litigation both dealt with in and out of the Courtroom.

Legal Activities

The Professionals

The law firm of de Martino is led by its founder and lawyer, Enrico de Martino, a member of the Bar Association of Siena and acting Counsel at the Supreme Court for many years.
Lawyer, de Martino has definitive expertise of criminal law and in particular in terms of economic, financial and bankruptcy offences, as well as offences against public authorities, bestowing his assistance in a number of trials which have had significant national importance.
Lawyer, de Martino has also developed specific and consolidated experience with companies operating in the food and agribusiness sector, in which he has followed a number of nationally renowned trials over the years, in addition to providing up to date professional advice – both criminal and commercial – for many companies in the sector.
The law firm also deals with civil matters, with particular reference to corporate actions, related to bankruptcy law, as well as civil liability and medical negligence.
The combined experience of the law firm weaves a dense network of contacts with established professionals in all branches of law, both nationally and internationally, with whom it collaborates to ensure optimum customer service.
The law firm also has a longstanding collaboration with a professional Chartered Accountant who predominantly imparts consulting activities, in particular relating to corporate, bankruptcy and financial review issues.

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Via dei Rossi, 44
53100 - Siena (SI), Italy
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