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Enrico de Martino

enrico de martino
Enrico de Martino
Curriculum Vitae

Born in Naples in 1957, he graduated with honours from the University of Siena in 1979. A lawyer since 1982, he is a registered Lawyer who has practiced before the Supreme Court since 1996.
Preponderantly, he continues to practise his professional activity in his law firm, headquartered in Siena, with the collaboration of other professionals who are all an intricate part of his law firm.
For many years, he has practised law on issues relating to criminal law, with particular reference to corporate crimes, bankruptcy, tax, financial or other offences connected to banking activities as well as issues relating to medical negligence or health and safety at work and crimes against the public authorities. Throughout the years he has followed several cases of great complexity and importance, many of them being significant cases of national interest.
In addition, he works as a Corporate Law Consultant on behalf of major industrial companies, participating in acquisitions and mergers, as well as bankruptcy and debt restructuring.
He has also worked as a lecturer at the School of Specialisation for the Legal Profession at the University of Siena and is the author of publications and books on the subject of criminal matters. Among the latest, published by Giuffrè, along with Antonio D’Avirro "«La bancarotta fraudolenta impropria: reati societari e operazioni dolose»", 2007 and "«I reati di bancarotta societaria»”, 2013; along with other authors: "«I nuovi delitti contro la pubblica amministrazione. Commento alla legge 6 novembre 2012, n. 190», 2013.

Foreign languages: English, French and Spanish.